• What Domenico Furlan stole and how justice was served

In 1699 a sensational event upset the citizens of Poreč. Domenico Furlan, notorius and infamous thief of the time, destroyed the tabernacle of the Basilica Poreč, stealing the gold and silver with which it was adorned. He was soon captured, trialed and sentenced to death on the main square for this unprecedented crime. Join the citizens of Poreč and celebrate justice with them. Dance and enjoy  in the atmosphere of the Baroque…

The experience includes:

  • Tour around the historical centre of Poreč by actors
  • Tour around the Sinčić palace and the Heritage Museum of Poreč
  • Trial and execution of Domenico Furlan show along the city
  • Baroque dances

Duration: 2-3 hours
Organized by: The Heritage Museum of the Poreč Region

Peškera, starting point of Iustitia:

Geographic coordinates: 45°22’78’87’, 13°59’60’21’


Poreč is not just a city that lives from sun, sea and his tourist image. In the historic center, it is evident that the city is still keeping its historic values. Today, int he city palaces are galleries and museums, city walls and towers are preserved and the Euphrasian Basilica is a unique architectural monument and a church museum. The city is also suitable for athletes who have their conditional training in Poreč.

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