• What fishermen and peasants of Rovinj used to dine, and what they talked about in the cellars at the end of the day

Not so long ago, the fishermen of Rovinj constructed traditional boats – batanas, while farmers would spend their days working in their vineyards. In the evening, all of them gathered in the basement Spacio (tavern) where they talked about the daily happenings. After eating the fish caught that day and drank fine wine, they sang songs about daily events, the sea, and joyful moments in life. Sometimes, because of too much wine running in their veins, discussions would arise. Be an active part of their lives with this interactive experience, feast on the fish and wine of the farmer of Rovinj…

The experience includes:

  • Tour of the Ecomuseum Batana
  • Romantic batana ride with musical accompaniment
  • Experience of the Matika Spacio
  • Fisherman’s four-course dinner
  • Performance by the band Batana or the group of bitinadure Marco Garbin singing old songs
  • Comedy play

Organized by: Batana House Eco Museum

Eco Museum in Rovinj:

Geographic coordinates: 45°08’15’52’, 13°63’29’47’


The former fishing town and today a tourist destination is one of the most ‘photogenic’ towns in the Mediterranean. It is 40 kilometers from Pula and its climate characteristics have a beneficial effect on health. Both city and the citizens are trying that Rovinj retain the title of ‘healthy town’, which is not difficult because the whole coast with its twenty-two islands, is a protected natural heritage.

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