Poreč Open Air Festival

Istra Inspirit takes part at the Poreč Open Air Festival with St Nikola’s magical island experience. In the story, Epulonus de Histri, a well-known professor wants to find at least one hidden treasure of Istria. He is accompanied by the nasty dwarfs called Macmolići from Labin mines. There are many other creatures visitors can discover on their walk through the island – the enchanted snake – queen, mermaids which came swimming, a pirate who tells the story of the stolen bells thrown in the sea by Poreč, Istrian giants who will introduce visitors with the making of Pazin cave, Orko that turns everything upside down as well as many other magical forest creatures gathered together in the world of fairies and elves.

The performance of Istria Inspirit ends in front of the Valamar Isabella castle, where the audience has the opportunity to jump over bonfires along with Macmolići, in order to forever remain connected with this Istrian Inspirit experience.

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