KULTOURSPIRIT – Through integration to the KulTourSpirit project

KulTourSpirit, revitalization project of Istrian heritage inspired by Inspirit experiences

KulTourSpirit project, which was recently introduced in Pazin, is a mutual product of the cities and municipalities of central Istria, which aim is to integrate and revitalize certain cultural heritage in their areas.The project partners were united byIstra Inspirit and this integration has been recognized as a high – quality and worth of financing from EU funds in the amount of up to 5 million. The project aim is to integrate and revitalize certain facilities in Pazin, Svetvincenat, Dvigrad and Buzet through storytelling that Istra Inspirit already implemented throughout Istria. That is an example of how to revive the authentic Istrian stories and legends, and through them present the experience and emotion to the visitors all year round.

With this project it was provided the financing of the production of documents in order to invest in part of the Castle in Pazin into a House of Istrian stories and legends, to repair the bell tower as well as the development of the management plan of the old town of Pazin. City of Buzet will prepare the documentation for rearranging the Moretti palace, which will be converted into a Center of traditional crafts and House Karolina in a Karolina’s house of herbs. Municipality of Kanfanar will prepare documentation for arranging Archaeological Park of  Dvigrad, while the municipality of Svetvinčenat will prepare documentation for arranging the surroundings of the castle Grimani Morosini and the entire old town.One of the expected results of the project is the study of integrated development based on the cultural heritage as well as the feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis which will be provided by Istria County.

Istria Inspirit will work on developing a marketing brand through design and implementation of communication and marketing strategies for all sites involved in the project.  With the realization of KulTourSpirit project, it will be achieved one of the goals of Istra Inspirit project which includes the innovative interpretations of cultural heritage across the peninsula.