• 04.06. | 28.06. | 12.07. | 26.07. | 09.08. | 23.08. | 06.09.2022.

    Have you always wanted to walk with Casanova through Vrsar? You will have the chance this summer, to take a walk through romantic Vrsar, discover the unexplored parts of the old town and discover love à la Casanova through this mysterious interactive tour, guided by the Istra Inspirit.

    Indulge in a walk through romantic Vrsar, discover unexplored parts of the old town and meet love in Casanova’s way

    Meeting point: In front of the Tourist Board of Vrsar


    FREE / RESERVATION ON [email protected].

  • 11.06. - 12.06.2022. | 17.09. - 18.09.2022.

    The event called Historical Fair Below the Castle is held in June and September in the old town of Vrsar, and it defines the rules of living in Vrsar at that time. With Istra Inspirit, you can go back to history and learn all the secrets of the statute in a fun and humorous way.



  • 21.07. | 11.08. | 18.08.2022.

    Explore Dvigrad under the guidance of a friar who will reveal the secrets of history of this former medieval city. The friar, as the only inhabitant of Dvigrad, will tell you about the population, history, legends, families and cultural heritage of Dvigrad. Awaken emotions and stories through storytelling and meet Dvigrad in a different way.

    Explore Dvigrad guided by the marvelous friar storyteller and Captain Morgan who will tell you all the secrets from the history of this medieval town


    FREE / OBLIGATORY RESERVATION ON [email protected]