Casanova Tour

During the Casanova Tour, all visitors are taken on an unforgettable journey to the times of the Vrsar Earldom, when the famous adventurer and lover Giacomo Casanova visited Vrsar twice.

This innovative tour was based on his “Memoirs” where he states he visited Vrsar for the first time for three days in August 1743 as a poor priest.
His second visit took place when he was a soldier during a journey from the Venetian island Malamoco. His boat anchored at night in the Vrsar port. Giacomo Casanova, the greatest lover of all times allegedly kept coming back to Vrsar for the beautiful local women. Through fun and entertainment, visitors will be able to discover a more intimate side of Casanova’s Vrsar as well as all interesting events that characterized his stay here.

The tour encompasses visits to the viewpoint by the St Anthony’s church, the Casanova viewpoint, the main town gate and Casanova’s shelter by the town walls.

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