Kupelwieser on Brijuni

  • Why Kupelwieser bought Brijuni Islands and who helped make them amazing

Year 1893 was crucial for the malarial and then abandoned Brijuni islands, because this year the Austrian entrepreneur Paul Kuppelwieser bought Brijuni and established a farm and a cultural center for the then growing military port of Pula. With the help of his skilled professionals, Brijuni islands have become a a real pearl of Mediterranean. Join the unusual walk on Brijuni islands and travel in time of Austro-Hungarian Empire with Paul Kupelwieser and the rest of cheerful crew!

Experience includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Theatre performance about Paul Kupelwieser and his collaborators
  • Sweets

Duration: 2-3 hours
Organized by: JUNP Brijuni

National park Brijuni islands:

Geographic coordinates: 44°91’65’92’, 13°77’68’51’

Brijuni Islands National Park

Brijuni Islands are situated on the southwest coast of the Istrian peninsula, to which you can come boarding on a ship in the small fishing place called Fažana. Brijuni are famous not only for its natural beauty, but also because the visits of Princess Caroline of Monaco, actor John Malkovich, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and many others.

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