Legend of thorndancers

How did the Pićan people get their nickname thorndancers and what is their connection with Saint Nicephorus..

“May you forever barefoot dance on thorns!” is the phrase from the legend of Thorndancers, which is connected with Pićan, an idyllic place in central Istria. Travel in to the late antiquity, join St. Nicephorus on his journey to Rome and discover how the exciting story of the new Istra Inspirit experience ends.

The experience includes:

  • A children’s corner for the youngest visitors
  • Gourmet program ”Nicephorus’ snack”: ”pićonski rafiol” and late Antique ”pijat”
  • Theater play by Istra Inspirit

Duration: 1 and half hours

Organized by: Pićan municipality

Old town of Pićan: 

Geographic coordinates: 45˚20’41’20’ , 14˚04’02’69’

There are several names for this little place: Piebn, Petina, Pedena, Pitchann. The name supposedly originate from the assumption that the Diocese of Pićan was once the fifth in the world, which is why in their name is the word pet/ five on english. If you take a walk through Pićan, you will see the church of St. Roko, the monumental city gate, the bell tower, which is 48 meters high, one of the highest in Istria and many other specifics of the place, located on a hill.

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