The miner’s republic

  • Is there a sky under the ground? The lives and food of coal miner

Travel through time and go back to 1921, 150 meters below ground, under 20 million tons of stone, where the light of day and time no longer exist. There is only darkness … and the REVOLUTION! Attend in person to the difficult lives of the miners and the moving story of human strength and pride by participating in a miner’s working day and making a lunch break with them, sharing a modest meal…

The experience includes:

  • Welcome drink
  • Bus return trip from Labin to Raša
  • Mining equipment and access to the mine situated 150 meters below ground
  • Tour of the mine with a professional guide
  • Video presentation of the 1921 miners’ strike
  • Miners’ brunch with drinks
  • Miners’ souvenir

Duration: 2-3 hours
Organized by: The Labin Art Express XXI Association

NOTE: Entering the mine is not allowed for children under 12 years and pensioners  with low condition. We do not recommend entry to people who suffer from claustrophobia or respiratory and heart disease. Basic rules of tour through the mine in Raša can be found on our website.

The entry in the Miner:

Geographic coordinates: 45° 08’08’66’, 14°08’41’78’


While it once was a medieval town three kilometers away from the sea, today Labin is a center of galleries and artists who stay here and create throughout the year. Especially attractive are loggia from the 16th century and the main city gate Saint Flora on which is carved Labin crest and Venetian lion, the symbol of the Venetian Republic.


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