Are you interested in details of the collaboration with different sectors of the economy? Discover all who collaborated with Istra Inspirit when it comes to organizations and institutions that want their business, meetings and conferences to be enhanced with Inspirit experiences.

UNWTO. UNWTO is the acronym of the World Tourism Organization (a United Nations agency) whose members, during the 100th session of the UNWTO Executive Council, held in Rovinj in May 2015, had the opportunity to enjoy the combination of more Istra Inspirit experiences and learn about the concept of the project. Istra Inspirit brought them first to the island of Brijuni, where they „met“ Paul Kupelwieser, who was significant for the development of Brijuni islands and to the Verige bay, where they enjoyed  the Roman story. After that, they visited Grožnjan,where they could learn all about Istrian customs through songs and dances, and they walked through Poreč old town along the Istra Inspirit performance ‘Iustitia‘.

International Tourism Fair in Opole. The International Tourism Fair in Polish city of Opole, within which Istra Inspirit performed, was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the County Chamber of Pula and the Tourist Board of Istria from 15 to 27 May 2015.

With the introduction of various tourism products, the main event was held on 15 May 2015 with a performance of Istra Inspirit and was attended by representatives of the Croatian Embassy, Istria county and Pula town and other guests from Poland on the Istrian stand.

Parenzana Express. We highlight this project which was held in 2014 as part of the EU project Parenzana Magic, made in cooperation with Istria County and other domestic and foreign partners. Parenzana is a former railway line that connected Trieste and Poreč and on which, apart from being a trade link, sometimes people were robbed. Istra Inspirit took the guests of Parenzana Express on a journey where they could experience a robbery, while learning in an amusing way about Istrian customs from the golden age of Parenzana.
With Istra Inspirit you can provide to your business partners an unique experience during which Istrian stories myths and legends are brought closer, and they can get to know Istria in a different way.

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