Do you want to introduce Istrian history to your pupils in an interesting way? Homeland teaching is an important education segment for you? Joins us on a time travel where children learn about their own country, customs and traditions of the unexplored region of Istria, through the Istra InspiriTIĆ program.

Within InspiriTIĆ program we offer you individual Istra Inspirit perfomances suited to children of kindergarten and school age. The basic idea of this offer is to empower and encourage homeland teaching so that children from an early age learn about the region in which they live and the specific cultures in a very real but entertaining way – through myths, legends and historical stories.

Entertaining perfomances include interactive workshops where children participate in every step of implementation and communicate with each other and with animators, while developing social and communication skills. The goal is to raise interest in children about Istrian culture and heritage and to inspire their imagination and desire to continue to discover the magic of Istria.

Currently, we offer two programs that we believe can be included in the primary school classes, which are Mythical creatures of Istria and Tales of the old windmill.

The programs are offered in two forms, first at the authentic location, which includes a visit to the castle of Pula and to the renovated windmill in Medulin. The other option is to hold the entire program in schools and kindergartens, during which we fully adapt our performance to the institution’s premises and its possibilities.

Mythical creatures of Istria.The program for children which is originally held within the walls of the Venetian fortress in Pula includes stories about the adventures of Veli Jože, the legend how the fairies built the Arena, how „štrige“ and „štriguni“ are preparing their potions and many other interesting tales. Through interactive features and playgroups with beings from Istrian myths and legends, children are motivated to show, through a competitive quiz, their acquired knowledge about the history and culture of their homeland.

Tales of the old windmill. A special puppet performance experience for children which shows the life of the Pošić brothers who arrived in Medulin in 1876 and decided to build the Windmill. Through the entertainment scenes with puppets, the children are encouraged to assimilate the tradition and sense of community, love and commitment. After the show it is possible to visit the restored windmill in which you can learn how to mill grain, and see all utensils and dishes used during the work in the windmill.

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