Istra Inspirit project presented at the „6th International Historic Cities Congress”


As part of the “6th International Historic Cities Congress” organized by the Solin Tourist Board, which took place on November 25 and 26 on online platform, the Istra Inspirit project was presented with the lecture entitled: “Revival of cultural heritage through authentic experiences.”


The congress was organized under the motto “Meet, share & build” which aims to encourage meetings (“Meet” concept) of leading people in tourism and archaeology of historic cities, exchange of experiences in their promotion in the domestic and international tourism market (“Share” concept), as well as the development of new tourism products and arrangements through the joint engagement of leading people in destination tourism (“Build” concept). Istra Inspirit as an example of good practice of cultural tourism, which for nine years in a row successfully revives the history, myths and legends of the Istrian peninsula through authentic experiences (850) on cultural and historical locations. The peculiarity of the storytelling method used through the experiences of Istra Inspirit with the revival of cultural and traditional heritage and successfully carried out through experience walks – Casanova Tour in Vrsar, Magic Bale Walking Tour, Dvigrad Storytelling Tour, Roman Vižula Walking Tour. By using resources of rich cultural heritage that serve as a backdrop for authentic experiences, visitors to the destination gain benefit with the creation of a new  tourist product. The future and further development of the project is reflected through performances, authentic experiences and interpretive walks following new trends in cultural tourism.

We thank the Solin Tourist Board for the invitation and participation in the international congress and the exchange of knowledge and experience in the form of promotion of various tourist destinations.

The full presentation of all lecturers can be found at the following link

Istra Inspirit is a cultural tourism project which is implemented within the Istrian Tourism Development Agency – IRTA d.o.o. with the support of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Region of Istria.