Manual for Participatory Tourism that connects Community and Culture with Storytelling


Within the framework of the EUSAIR Facility Point project, and based on the tender of the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Croatia, the Istrian Tourism Development Agency has completed the preparation of the issue paper, a “Manual for Participatory Tourism that connects Community and Culture with Storytelling”.

The Manual refers to the entire EUSAIR area (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and provides full insight into models and recommendations for creating innovative participatory tourism products based on intangible heritage and storytelling. Storytelling has been there since ancient times. It was, and still is, a way of connecting people, creating community and emotions. Nowadays, people have recognized the power of storytelling that unites, creates a new culture, creates products, is a marketing tool and an important communication tool. So in tourism, storytelling enables the development of marketing and management of tourist destinations, products, attractions and involvement of service providers. With this vision this work is created, which consists of chapters covering storytelling and participatory tourism in general, provides a comparison with similar models in EUSAIR countries and explains what storytelling is, through the prism of Istra Inspirita project. Manual extensively describes the beginnings and development of the Istra Inspirit project as a cultural tourism product and lists the advantages and disadvantages of certain models, methods of promotion and financing, the involvement of the local community and all its stakeholders in the projects, with particular emphasis on the methodology that achieves the ultimate goal – implementation of storytelling tours (on the example of the Casanova tour in Vrsar) or the experience (on the example of the Legend of thorndancers). During the nine years of Istra Inspirit implementation it is visible product, business, acting, directing, stage design development and other skills that contribute to success.

The success of the Istra Inspirit project initiated by the Istrian County, which is now part of the Istrian Tourism Development Agency, led to the creation of a Manual to educate and guide other EUSAIR member states (and beyond) on creating storytelling experiential experiences following the model of Istria / Croatian.

Otherwise, the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Croatia, within the framework of EUSAIR, which provided funds for the preparation of the manual, has the role of the coordinator of the 4th pillar for sustainable tourism, as well as the role of the national project partner in the Facility Point project, and promotes key sustainability topics in tourism in line with Member State priorities.

Download the Manual by clicking on the link:

Manual for Participatory Tourism that connects Community and Culture with Storytelling