Poreč Open Air Festival

Istra Inspirit takes part at the Poreč Open Air Festival with St Nikola’s magical island experience. In the story, Epulonus de Histri, a well-known professor wants to find at least one hidden treasure of Istria. He is accompanied by the nasty dwarfs called Macmolići from Labin mines. There are many other creatures visitors can discover […]

Malin Fest

Take your family to the windmill in Medulin and have a great time at Malinfest through the unique blend of tradition and fun.  Through fun and interactive content, discover why Pošić brothers chose Medulin for building the windmill, get to know the customs of the Medulin port as well as all other secrets the windmill […]

Old Fair

The Istra Inspirit cheerful crew will at the Old Fair, show you a fun, interactive game, which will enable you to become an honorary citizen of Vrsar. Find out who was banned from entering the old town of Vrsar, how taxes were paid, why women had to dress as men and how to bread was […]

Rabac Open Air Festival

Find out how Labin miners lived, what Macmolići have to do with it and what is actually the fourth brunch. You do not want to miss this unique experience!